A Thought from Dr. Keri

Happy 120 years to Chiropractic!

Posted: September 14, 2015
By: Dr Keri Freshour

It's been 120 years since the first adjustment was given by DD Palmer, the founder of the profession of Chiropractic!  Most patients don't know that the very first adjustment was given to a man who was deaf as a result of a fall down a flight of steps.  DD Palmer postulated that if a bone was out of place, it could create nervous system interference and cause a symtpom.  In this case, deafness.  He delivered the adjustment and Harvey Lillard could hear again after being deaf for nearly 17 years.  Way to go DD Palmer! 

Thanks to him the profession was born and Doctors of Chiropractic now span the world.  Collectively, we've gone on to educate our communities of the benefits of chiropractic, and helping them understand about Subluxation and how it can affect our health.  The more we understand about where our true expression of health comes from, the more patients we can treat and help them acheive optial health and wellbeing!


                                        Happy Birthday Chiropractic!